Shipwreck /Kaiolohia

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A couple from the mainland US shared their drone video footage with us,

and we turned it into a little video. Enjoy!

Shipwreck /Kaiolohia

The ʻAuʻAu channel between Maui and Lanai is often filled with large waves and strong tradewinds. Dozens of ships have wrecked along the Keomoku / Shipwreck side of Lanai. The most famous wreck is a 1944 concrete oil tanker. You can see this ship from about half way down the paved road. You can also park at the end of the paved road, and hike for about 15 minutes along the coast to visit the shipwreck up close. The hike to shipwreck beach is 1.2 miles, the ship is another 0.8 miles past the Shipwreck boulder and over a mountain of lava rocks. We do not recommend this hike for a day trip. It’s not a pretty beach, it’s hot, and filled with plastic debris. If you’re spending the night, it’s a good option to hike super early and spend about 3-4 hours exploring the area.

One of the largest collections of Ancient Hawaiian Petroglyphs (rock carvings) is located right before the shipwreck, up a marked trail.

Donʻt miss seeing the shipwreck view from about 1/2 way down the paved road. The views of Molokai and Maui are postcard perfect. Stop at the lookouts and listen for axis deer call across the sweeping canyon. And, in the winter time, you can witness humpback whales playing in the channel. Pack water, and bring snacks for this adventure.

808 Day Trip owner,

Judi Riley hikes the Keomoku coast nearly every day. She finds all kinds of treasures along this coastline from rare glass fishing floats to vintage bottles. One morning, she even found a Rubikʻs Cube washed up on the sand.

You can follow her finds on instagram @tikitales and @808daytrip

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